Of Beginnings and Beyond

Thursday, March 24, 2005


California's weather is really weird been here for such a long time but still not used to it. It's a gloomy day and sprinkling in some parts but mostly rain in the valley area. It's thursday and can't wait for the weekend to be here. Easter is just around the corner and happy egg hunting guys. Be safe and enjoy and have fun. Save me some eggs....

So far this week has been a good one so far. Yesterday just attended a Parent's Conference and the results were good. Francheska is learning to read on her own and writing sentences with help in spelling. Inno is improving much better than last year.

Miss my mother and cebu so much. Can't wait to be home soon which I really don't know when is that.... hahahahahaha Just keep dreaming you never know a fairy my hear what my heart desire and grant my wish.

Take care you all and Have a great and safe weekend. Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!

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