Of Beginnings and Beyond

Monday, June 20, 2005


Wala lang it's been awhile since my last posting here. Anyway, life has been good kahit na mahirap ang buhay dito sa America ok lang din kasi araw araw I get the chance to get up and be thankful that I am alive and with my family.

Tapos ayun sa wakas the school is finally over for my little gremlin and chipmunk. They had their FAME program which displays the talent of children at their school and their awarding ceremony which happy to say that my kids got the Principals Honor Award which is equivalent to Dean's List, Best in WebDesign, Merit of Excellence, Best Speller to name a few. Oo, nayayabagan na siguro kayo but at least I got something to brag about my kids... hehehehehe.

Anyway, a lot of earthquake shook California for the past few days. So far no major damages. Everything is well and fine. Summer classes is just around the corner. Take care and have fun. Live life to the fullest.

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