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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just a thought ........

No matter how you want to be good or show to people and pretend that you are good, true colors always reveal who you really are. Just the way you talked, asked question, body language and facial expressions would simple reveal who you are.

Sarcasm I guess is part of you and being jealous of simple things is who you really are. Sad to say I might be that tough to say this to your face, which I am grateful for, I am not here to cause trouble but to just let my feelings be out and express what I feel about. So next time you try or pretend to be good "Don't" it might cause you a lot.

I know for sure that you will never change and no matter how many layers of goodness you will be showing others it will not change who you are.

Sometimes, we say or asked a simple question without even knowing that, the way we asked the other person offends them. Sometimes, people are just plain tacky about something.

Just a thought that crossed my mind and just need to let it out. Feel much better now.

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