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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcoming 2006!!!!!!!!

Had a great time waiting and welcoming 2006. We were in San Diego for the count down and glue to Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve New Year Celebration At Time Square with Ryan Seacrest as his co-host. They were playing scrabble, paris-paris, connect four, Stop!Tell me the letter game and whole lot more.

Food was great and overwhelming phone calls and text messages. So far it went well according to them but for me it was kinda bland but nevertheless I tried to enjoy it.

First promised was already broken and I know that a lot more of it will be coming this year. What's new? As I said that inside my head. Hope that 2006 would be a good year and hoping that everything would work for it's best.

Sometimes you just got to do some drastic changes and hopefully it will work for the best and for others.

Hope you had a good one and take care!!!!!!!

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