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Monday, February 06, 2006

Birthday Bash and Superbowl Weekend .....

From Multiply Entry -------- One busy weekend that's all I can describe it. Got family who came over, slept here and baby sat my nephew, Joshua Ryan. Tiring, full of energy and in a way fulfilling. Slept pretty late, bake some brownies, cook mechado for dinner and breakfast for Saturday and Sunday.

Slept at around 2:00 A.M. while the rest were still playing Mahjong. Got up pretty early for Joshua slept with us here. Saturday was just another ordinary weekend for us. Played some games with the kids, quality time with hubby and some household chores. Joshua got dropped off late in the afternoon, played with him and with the kids. Hubby got picked up by his brother, dad and niece and played poker at his Aunt's house. His other brother decided to sleep over and pick him up. Ate some tommy burgers.

Sunday was chaos...hehehehe. Cooked breakfast, bake brownies, ate breakfast, wash dishes, clean the kitchen, let the kids take a shower and so on and on. Went to Granada Hills to Bentoy's house for his kids birthday -----Trisha(5) and Joshua(3). Food galores, drinks and kakanin.

Then superbowl ...... the game went pretty good 21-10. Of course Steelers won! Helped clean up and the guys went out and played poker but we need to leave a little bit early for the kids got school and of course work as well the next day. Hubby won a little bit.

Halftime sucks!!!!! OMG, I got bored during the halftime that I fell asleep. Commercials was not that great either. Whatever happen to the halftime shows and good commercials that we would be talking for days and weeks.

Hope you had a great weekend and build some good memories. Surely, I did had a blast.

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