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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Motherly Love .......

I feel so sorry for not be able to celebrate my kids birthday the way we plan and want too. We are financially struggling and the fact that I can't and won't be able to take my kids out bothers me so much. I feel so sorry for them that they are also having a hard time with what's going on instead, "They hug me and said It's ok Mommy as long as we have each other everything will be alright." My heart just melt and I was just sobbing while embracing them. All I could say was thank you for understanding and I love you.

In their eyes it's ok if we can't celebrate it the way we planned. As long as we have each other and we are healthy. I am just so thankful that they understand what's going on. So thankful that they didn't got mad or upset instead they just acted like little adults.

Instead we will be baking their respective birthday cakes and I will be cooking their favorite dishes that they requested. Seems like we will still be having a blast after all. Just the four of us and who knows who might drop by.....

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