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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

24 hours after........

Last Friday had a great time but for some reason(s) my hubby was so irritable and hot tempered. I just ignored it and brushed it off my head. It didn't know that it was already a clear sign of trouble.

The weekend went so fast but with great special and magical memories that we all enjoyed. Everything seem to be so great and between the two of us we were fine and being us. Sunday was an early day for me I slept around 8:00 in the evening. After cutting my hubby's hair. I dozed off while he was giving Inno a haircut and the woke up 4:30 A.M. and kick off the day right. Went to school although I do not need too (since my teacher requested me to still attended every now and then). Went home and it was raining again. My hubby and kids pick me up. Had some issues that while going home we discussed it.

Seems like to be everything went well and fine. And all of a sudden he got mad to Francheska because Francheska said "Daddy, you are hurting my ear." Why? because Daddy was saying the "F" word. He got mad because her daughter was telling him that he was wrong. I drinking water and I said "Well, you should refrain from using that F word especially when the kids are within the area." He got mad and called me a "B*tch" and I said If I am the "b*tch" then you must be the "a**hole".

He was furious and and I got so angry as well. I was holding a glass of water and throw it on his face. Sayang the glass broke but not his face. He started saying to me "Wanna hit me, come on I dare you to hit me." Para ano so when I hit him he will have and excuse to hit me back... Hahaha ano ako tanga... So I just told him, You know what I am not that stupid to give you enough reason or a chance to hit me.... It's not going to happen. All of a sudden he just said "Why don't you leave, get out of the house." So easy for him to say because he is the breadwinner and I am just a plain housewife. Maybe if I had a job, maybe I had left him with the kids with me of course. But then again I am jobless....

Then dead silence. I am so surprised that I didn't even shed any tears. Maybe because I am used to this scenario that it didn't affected me anymore. It's been quite awhile since we last had this kind of fight. It kind of fight we seldom have and never often it happen but for the past 2 years it had happen twice already. The last fight before this I cried so much that I felt I was going to die but this time not even a tear drop from my eye.... I wonder why?

Then morning came, he didn't went to work. I guess he got so stress of what happen last night. I got up and did my daily routine as if he wasn't here. Went to church, grocery and went home prepare for dinner.

Had a conference with Francheska's teacher and she is improving so much. She was tested in reading and she pass. Her reading level is for 3rd grader already which means that she is ready for the next school year. Her math skills are great and excellent in that field. So proud of her. Her penmanship is great.

Inno on the other had is struggling with his Math and Social Science. He is really having a hard time with this subjects. But he is trying his best to make his grades go up. I am crossing my fingers and toes that he will excel in this areas and maintain the rest with a better grades.

We haven't talk and I just ignore him and do my thing. I am so tired of all the stress that I am having on my shoulder. Sometimes I pity myself for not having anything or any where I can run too. I do not want to involve any of my family in this mess. This is our mess so we should clean it up. I am just concern about the kids of what happen last night. I talked to them this morning and they seem to understand what's going on and what had happen.

I just hope and pray that I can surpassed this and be able to live my dreams. Please pray for me. Enjoy your weekend and God bless.....!

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