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Friday, March 10, 2006

6 hours after and It's Friday ............

It's Friday and weekend is just around the corner.... Had some sleepless night of tossing and turning. Taking care of my sick monster and gremlin but slowly recovering. It's going to be a wet, chilly, cold and windy Friday. Take your time as you are heading out. Be extra vigilant and cautious. Be safe and buckle up.

6 hours after and here I am again up and ready to get moving. 5 hours of chatting with my family in Philippines. Just chatting how we are doing, trying to solve some problems and sharing ideas.... Endless chat if not the time and day have restricted us. Although a little grumpy for I have less sleep this past few days but I know I will be better as the day progresses......

Today it's going to be another round of online, voice chat and cam to cam. Who knows what time we will be chatting for it's a weekend here and also a weekend in Philippines....

Take care and enjoy your weekend. God bless!!!

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