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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A concert that made my night so special .......

Last night I had the privilege to catch up with one of my favorite tenors of all time or at least in my time. While I was busy chit chatting with some of my batch mates and family members. The phone keeps ringing off the hook. My family and some friends called out of the blue just to say "hi". Asking what are we up to this coming weekend and the old time how are yous. Then all of a sudden I just went inside our bedroom to check what shows are on, on PBS and my heart skip a beat or two for it was the Amore --- Under the desert sky concert that was held last month in Las Vegas Lakes.

I forgot to say goodbye to my fellow batch mate that I was chitchatting and my Mom... So rude of me. Pardon for my rudeness. I really was so glue and this was the concert that I had missed. The setting was so nice. Back-draft were the mediterranean style buildings, the lake and of course the clear blue sky. As the sun went down the temperature got cooler and so were the songs.

Its was Andrea Bocelli's concert and I believe it was his first pop concert ever. Although I do not understand so much of Italian and Spanish songs. I love him. Just like Julio Iglesias, The Gypsy Kings, Marc Anthony, Chayenne and the likes.... I have been hooked to this foreign music and their songs which I love so dearly. Eversince Andrea Bocelli grace the mainstream and sang together with Lucianno Pavarotti and the one tenor I can't remember his name. I fell in love with his voice. Together he made a duet with Celine Dion --- The Prayer which made as one of my all time favorite songs.

Then last night as I was in our bedroom with the lights dimmed. I felt like Andrea Bocelli was serenading me and love was in the air. His voice and his songs fill my heart that I couldn't help but felt so special and indeed last night was a special night for me. I watched in my own privacy his much awaited concert and it's FREE.. I felt that I was in the concert when it all happened. David Foster made this concert a very good one and Humberto something can't remember his last name.

The songs he sang were so meaningful although he sang most of it in Spanish, Italian and some English songs. The lyrics where so meaningful and his voice sounds like an angel sending a beautiful message to each and everyone who can hear him. As the concert was drawing near he sang "The Prayer" which brought tears to my eyes. For some reason he just made my night. His songs in his AMORE album which was released last January 31, 2006. Is currently been playing over and over since I got hold of them. I just can't get enough of his songs. His autobiography is also out in the market....

Had a lot of fun last night while I was in my own little place called HOME.

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