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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hidden Identity .....

Makes me wonder why........ Screen names, nicknames, emails and so on. If we know who sends us emails we tend to open it right... When we log in and see a familiar screen name we could say hi or simply would just ignore their greeting.... BUT how come when we do not know the nickname or screen name we seem friendly and tend to make a conversation with them..

Is it because you do not like the other person?

Is it that you know her/him and do not want their advises or opinions?

Is it because of something or more greater than there reasons that I can come up with...

Because I happen to see this pattern.... Example: You join to a new group or network and gives out some good advice and opinion as well. It so happen not just one or two but more than that you happen to know three of the people inside that group but they do not know you..... Upon giving some advises and opinions they tend to recognize how good you were in this kind of atmosphere or environment but never did they acknowledge you when you use your known identity(screenname or nickname) that they know you.

Why? Is something wrong? Any grudge or need of closure of something?

Hahay! I don't seem to get it..... Anyway, thanks for the complement although you don't know that it's me....

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