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Monday, March 13, 2006

One tough week ....

Ain't it funny and fun when you visit any doctor at all. As we were called I am expecting a funny terminology to be given by the doctor if any diagnosis is made. As the doctor read to us that my daughter has a "Juvenile Arthrits"----- I panicked, I was scared, I felt that I almost collapsed and I secretly cried for my baby girl.

But the doctor assured us that it's just a minor thing not too much to worry but she still needs to be rested, massage(she loves this so much) and keep her body warm. Good thing that it's not chronic arthritis, which would be more painful and swollen with a little red patches on the affected area.

It's been a week now that California weather ain't sunny at all. During late afternoon and early evening the temperature drops and it tends to get really chilly at those times. Since my hubby and daughter has sinusitis they do not want any heater on. Instead they use comforters, blankets and keeping their body warm. Ain't complaining with it...

She has been back to school with a little coughing here and there. All in all she is in great shape and she still has her daily massage and hot compress for her legs. Imagine that she is only 7 and she has arthritis already.... I know she will have more tough years ahead and hopefully I will still be around to help her out.

Juvenile Arthritis: A chronic, inflammatory disease that affects the whole body and may cause joint or connective tissue damage throughout the body. It affects children before age 16, causing joint pain and discomfort. Juvenile arthritis can be helped by medication and physical/occupational therapy.

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