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Thursday, April 20, 2006

As spring break comes to an end. I have been waking up about the same but this time I go back to sleep when my hubby leaves to work. The kids sleeps late and wakes up late as well. They are enjoying their past the bedtime routine and staying up late until their eyes drops.

The place has been a messed, toys everywhere, shoes, slippers and KIDS!!!! They are growing up too fast..... As this spring break hits us we were having our own marathon's as well.....Movie watching, ice cream breaks, meriendas galore, games and staying up late...!!!!!

We have been watching endless movies that we have and some reruns of the shows they want... Just yesterday I was having my own marathon....

I have watched the movie Close to you with John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby. Love the movie, the scenes, nature and of course the "kilig" tandem of John and Bea. Although sometimes true to what Abby said to her sister that she is torn between a habit and a dream. That sometimes we forget to asked how our best friends feels about something.

Blue Moon with Boots Anson Roa, Eddie Garcia, Christopher De Leon and Dennis Trillo. A story about long lost love and finding that person. Although the movie seems to be boring because of the endless road trip and countless fight from Father to son. As the road trip progresses they learn to accept the heartaches and trials and mishaps they had in life. Manuel Pineda played by Eddie Garcia is a veteran of war, while searching for his long lost girlfriend (Ason). He had a one night stand with Corazon, whom became his wife and mother to Ronaldo Pineda. During the early days after giving birth to their son Corazon became depressed and left them. Manuel raised Ronaldo by himself and never got married again. Ronaldo played by Christopher De Leon got married and had a son but his wife died during an accident. While his son Dennis Trillo got married also and has some problems with his wife. As Corazon is also looking for Manuel, she is based in Boston. Endless letters to people with the name Manuel Pineda so that she will be reunited with his long lost love. In the end they did find each other and was able to make the promise come true to dance with Corazon in the tune of Blue Moon.

Happily Ever After after all the tear jerker movies. I watched this kinda 3 stories of love again with a little comedy, horror and mystery twist. The first story is about a "Multong Bakla" played by Kempee De Leon. While on his way to meet up with his Papa Martin, he and Leeboy (his alaga) got into an accident. Unknowingly to two that they are already dead. Until two lovers help them to realized that.The two lovers ended up in the vacant house where the Multong bakla was last seen. Their parents do not want them to be together because of their social status. "Playboy Kuba" playes by John Pratts. About a good looking teenager who breaks a lot of girls hearts. Until one day a girl fell for him and he broke the girls heart and the Mom curse him to be a ugly looking hunchback. Although he was ugly as he can be Laura played by Maxine Magalona (hopefully I got her name right) still help him and became her friend. But Laura is only bound to be married to Eugene. Then Vince (the playboy kuba) confesses to Laura who he really is and the love he has for her. The movie ends up with the both of them together and the cursed removed.The last movie was of a young girl who is romatically hopeless with his boyfriend which at the end of the movie turns out to be gay.... I Love U Babe.

With the three stories that I have saw. It is never good to play in the name of love especially the heart. One way or another someone is bound to get hurt and sometimes it gets really pretty ugly. True love can wait. If you are really meant to be with each other, no mountains to high and no ocean too deep. You will be with each other as time goes by. Helping other people realize the right and the wrong that no social status should hinder anyone to whom they choose to love.

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