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Monday, April 24, 2006

For Joan ...

As you celebrate another year of maturity, responsibility, aging gracefully and effortless beauty. We are with you as we celebrate another chapter in your life....... We miss you and we love you!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Tita Joan!!!

Sisters are God's blessings.
Someone you can talk to and share your inner feelings with.
Sister it`s you that I thank the Lord up above for .
Because of you being there when I needed someone to listen and share my thoughts with.
Your there with an open ear and heart and someone to lean on.
Your so special to me, you really are.
I know that we talk with each other alot, thats great.
But when I don`t hear from you I worry just the same.
Your always my sister and forever my friend.
Through thick or thin,
until the end
When the Angel sing I`ll be there for you too.

Looking back upon the old
and so many pleasant memories
of other days gone by,
It surely would be wonderful
to visit you today.
But since that Isn't possible
I'll blog my thoughts instead.

There's a chill in the air
for spring is here.
It always warms my heart
to think of you here.
So I've blog today to tell you that although were miles apart,
you're always in my thoughts
And you'll always be in my heart.

All of the memories
and good times we've shared
And the sweet things you done
just to show that you cared.
Our love grows still deeper
with each passing day
Your love is a blessing
sent from above
From our precious Lord
and His sweet tender love.

You are a wonderful sister
in all the ways that count
You give me strenght, hope and good advice in just the right amount when I needed it.
We learned to share and care,to laugh and love, to cry and sob, to fogive and forget, to get angry and to be passive...

We have shared a lot although sometimes we might not seem to be in the right track. We still respect each other's opinion, listen, think and when I needed someone to talked too you are there.

Although we are so many miles apart, We will always be truly connected by our hearts.
I know we've had our up's and downs, But we always got over our leaps and bounds.
The respect I have for my sister will always grow, Not because she is my younger sister but because I love her so.
I know sometimes my feelings you have spared, But I will always be thankful for the love you have shared.
Our lives may not have turned out the way we might have planned, But I will always be here to lend a helping hand.

Sitting under that spring sky
I watch you float like a butterfly
I imagine what your life will hold
And hope I'll help you through the cold

Sometimes I feel as distant as a star
Trying to light your path from afar
And like a star i'll burn for long
to light your path on and on

My dearest sister, and yet you aren't
I wish that we weren't miles apart
Though sometimes when you call me
I feel as close as honey to bees

I hope, although our distance is great
And our family tree is bent near break
You speak to me if and when
A brother is needed to lend a hand

Joan, we missed you a lot here and I know that you are doing your best to make your dreams come true. Thank you so much for including us in your dreams as well.

A little bit more and you will be graduating. A little bit more and you will be a registered nurse. I know you have work hard to be where you are right now. A Dean's list and a scholar, what more can a sister like me asked for. I am so proud of you and your achievements in life. We make mistakes that is part of being a human as we make mistakes we also learned not to do it again and hopefully learned from that mistake.

I appreciate it so much that although with our busy schedules we do not forget to call each other almost every single day, not with just one phone call but calls.

I missed our drinking spree, mahjong nights, malling, chit chatting and quarrels. You really have grown to be a beautiful lady.

Just remember this that your heartache is mine too, the pain and happiness in life we all share and part of growing up. Just anchor your feet to the ground and always remember that when your down and out I am just a phone call or email away. I miss you lil sis.

The baby of the family, ain't a baby anymore. May your wishes come true and take care of yourself. We love you!!!

Happy Birthday, Joan Mirandy!!!!!

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