Of Beginnings and Beyond

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Morning effect ..... =)

As I got up so early. My mind wants to blog it's way and here it goes.....

As life takes me to places, events and years beyond my wildest imagination. Let me learn how to value the event, the place, the people whom I am with and associate with and the years for who knows when I will cherish this kind of happiness again.

In life I learn to cry, to laugh, to cherish the moment and to have a selective amnesia (some events I want to forget). I think I can easily forget things that hurt me but never thought that through this misalign events that took place in our lives, I learned to stand up and be strong. I have learned to be brave and fight the battle and need not to win nor lose but to defend what is right from wrong.

In love I learned to cherish precious moments. Moments that the two of us shared, a special bond, a moment that will forever last and will always be in my mind and heart. But also in love I learned that it's not all a bed of roses. I learned that in love we get hurt, we stumble, we fall and sometimes we fail from the relationship. But nevertheless, I get up after every storm of every relationship hoping to be a strong, better and yet wiser.

I learned to forgive and slowly forgets. For me the forget part is hard. I can not forget easily only time will tell. I have been too many places with special meanings to each one of them but never did I forget that I was loved and I loved in return.

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