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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Strange routine ...

It's been a week now that my life had a sudden change of routine. Even though I tried to control it and do things to prevent it from happening. Sometimes life has it's why of saying that "You might not be aware of your own body." or "Do not fight it just go with the flow."

Since March 25th Sunday. I have been regularly sleeping at 8:00 P.M. and up by 4:30 A.M. For reasons I do not know. I am still puzzled and I don't seem to be that tired or stressed out. My hubby who has been as understanding as he is. Takes over when I am passed out. While watching some shows with my daughter, I passed out and sleeping like a baby.

How many shows and new episodes that I missed and even told my hubby don't worry I will be able to watch it. No need to record them..... Yeah right! Oh well I just my body is sending me some signals that I need to take life slowly and reevaluate my schedule again.

Happy April Fool's Day!! Enjoy your weekend and Sleep well!!!!

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