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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sweetest Thank You....

From my multiply blog....

Yesterday was Holy Thursday from where I was. April the 13th birthdays of Shawn Michael and R.R. I got up as usual 4:30 in the morning. Bathroom routine, cooking breakfast for my hubby and prepares his lunch as well.The night before I already planned that I will be going to the Filipino Market to get some fried fish, shrimps and hopefully some squid for calamari. So as I was finished preparing my hubby's stuff and off he is to this work. I was cleaning the kitchen little by little so that when I get back I can attend to some other stuff at home. I took a bath, did my thing. Ate breakfast and then woke up my son for his time to take a shower and get ready for school. I have 30 minutes in between my son and my daughter for them to get ready for school.

7:00 A.M. Inno bid goodbye with a kiss and hug and he is off to the site where the school bus will be waiting for the students and head to school. Time to wake up Francheska for her shower. While she is in the shower (she takes a shower by herself) I am busy preparing her lunch for school and her things as well. 20 minutes of shower and she calls me that she is done and off to changing and blow drying her hair and off to school.

7:45 A.M. We left our place and off to school which is a 10 minutes walk from where we lived. Dropped her at the front gate and she gives a kiss and a hug and off form a line and gets picked up by her teacher and she is off to class.

I started walking going to the bus stop and waiting for the bus patiently. Although the bus came in 10 minutes late. I kept myself busy playing Tetris. Boarded the bus and had a great feeling (I do not why and I can't seem to explain). As I got off the bus a very pregnant lady walked behind me for some reason the bus driver accidentally hit the gas pedal a little bit which almost threw the pregnant lady if I wasn't holding her and she thanked me so much that she hugged me so tight and she said "You must be the angel that God sent me today." I was speechless and I just smiled back at her. I took a deep breath and told her thank you for your kind words.

As I pressed the walking button to crossed the other street and waited patiently for the walking sign to flashed. As I started walking an elderly man was carrying a big and heavy bag from his expression on his face he was having a hard time. So I asked him "Lolo, do you need some help with that." and he replied "Thank you, iya kung hindi nakakaabala sa iyo Oo sana." So instead of me crossing the opposite side I helped him and went back to where I started. He smiled and said "Meron pa palang mabubuting tao dito sa Amerika. Pagpalain ka sana nang Diyos Na Maykapal." I just smiled back and said Lolo ok na ba kayo dito and he just smiled and said Salamat ulit sa iyo.

Finally I made it to the opposite side. Walking through the market and headed to the Meat/Seafood Section and pick the fish and have it fried. Got some shrimps and salted eggs, some canned sardines and browse to the whole store. When a boy asked me to help him with the milk for he can't reached it. So I did and he put the milk down and hugged me and said "Thank you so much for helping me, You are such a nice lady." All I can say was your most welcome young man, anything else? He smiled and walked away with the milk. As my number for my fried fish was called and I was off to the cashier, paid the groceries and off to the bus stop and waited for the next trip.

While waiting an elderly man, whom I thought was a Chinese turned out to be Filipino dropped his wallet and he didn't even notice it. So I pick up the wallet and gave it back to him. He was surprised that I had his wallet and he told me that his wallet had fallen 3 time just that day. He was so pleased and thank you for what I did. "Salamat iha buti na lang ikaw ang nakapulot sa pitaka ko..... Maraming, maraming salamat ulit." All I can say was walang anuman po Lolo at magiingat kayo at sa pitaka ninyo. Then his bus came and he boarded it. The bus was still in stop but the doors were already shut which means it getting ready to make a turn, when an elderly man waves at the bus driver with his cane but no respond. So I got up from where I was seated and bang the door for the bus driver's attention so that the old man can ride. The bus driver said "Thank you so much and the old man just smiled at me and waved goodbye."

As I waited for my bus to come and middle aged Filipina woman smiled at me and said "Napakabuti nang iyong puso, napakamaalalahanin mo sa kapwa at may malasakit sa mga nakakatanda sa iyo." All I can say was salamat po sa mga magaganda salita na binitawan ninyo tungkol sa akin. If I could cry at that moment for all the good things that these complete strangers describe maybe I would be sobbing like a baby. I felt so touch with the kind words they said to me...

As I boarded the bus and reached my destination. I can't help but smiled and be thankful for all the words that the complete strangers had given me. It does really feel good to help others with all your heart and not expecting anything in return but a simple "THANK YOU."

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