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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fun in the sun ....

It's been pretty hot here and indeed summer is almost here. Since I am done with my chores and so are my kids with school work. We decided to hit the pool. Water was a little bit cold but tolerable. My kids were pretty excited and just decided to jump in. Splash!!!! My daughter was not ready for the big jump that she got scared and thinks she is drowning but to my amazement she was kicking and keeping her head above the water and she was swimming then she realized and she panic.

She did tried it again and again and finally got the guts to used the small board to help her swim around and once in awhile she lets go and reached the board. Just as we were heading home she asked if she can have 10 more minutes and wanted to practice more and so far she is getting the hang of swimming. Thank God for Kuya Inno to help her just in case she needs help.

So far the water in the pool didn't decreased and she kept drinking some of the water. She is one girl who is determined to try it for the first time and never quits until she got it and tries it over and over.

Hopefully by summer she will be able to learn to swim without the floating board and with less fear. and at the same time. But love spending time with my kids. Every seconds and every minutes are precious to me. The months, days and years are music to my ears and a million dollar movie to my eyes.

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