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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just last night .....

Had a great time last night. Good food, good company, good memories with friends and family. Three celebrants in one family. Whew!!! What a night! Papa treat us out to dinner at our ever infamous chinese restaurant in Rowland Heights.

People present were: Papa, Tita Del, Bernie, Rowena, Inno, Francheska, Yours truly and of course the 3 celebrants --- Adolfo, Larry and Joshua. Sum up their ages it will give you a sum of 64.

A sumptuous dinner, good conversations and endless picture taking (pictures will be posted soon). What is a birthday without a birthday cake, right? But Papa and Tita Del didn't forgot that part and they bought some Red Ribbon Ube Cake ----- Delicious!!!!

The night ended pretty late for a weekday and most especially with kids and work the following day. Thanks Pa. for a wonderful evening with family and friends. We surely had a great time.

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Cheers and more candles too blow!!!!!!!!!!


Missing in this occasion are Joan, John, Dominic and Anton. We hope you can make it next time guys. We surely miss you....

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