Of Beginnings and Beyond

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just something that I remember that I enjoy most before I came to California. Although life wasn't that easy for us in Philippines. We struggle and strive to make a decent living, have my siblings finished school, gave a decent and sufficient salary for the help around the house and our wants and needs in daily living.

We still go out every weekend. Eat out, watched movies, hangout in a bar or restaurant or go to the nearest beach to relax and watched the sun sets. As the sun sets we always say this "We surpassed another day, tomorrow will be a different story to tell," but with our teamwork and hard work we always surpassed whatever trials we have.

Our Mom was so supportive in everything that we do. She always stands by our side and always ready to lend a helping hand. She is always ready to catch us when we are just about to fall. She never let us hit the ground. She is a good mother, a good friend and the best fan we all ever had. I got pregnant at a very early age but still my Mom was there for me. She taught me how to be a good person and a good Mom. She was very supportive and never fails to remind us of how lucky we are as a person.

My siblings ---- are the best siblings that I could ever have. If given a chance to change anything in my life I wouldn't change anything at all not even a single bit and you know why? because of all the struggles, sufferings, pains and triumphs we overcome we were together as a family and that I am so proud of. Although we can never take it somehow that as siblings we fight over something so shallow but still we mend things and learn from it. The best Uncles and Aunt my kids will ever have. They are my kids automatic Godparents.

Our Dad who tries to supports his family with all of his might. We are all human who made mistakes and sometimes choices that would break a heart or two, but after all of these we always remember how grateful and thankful for the family we have and so sorry we are for breaking a heart or two. We learn to asked for forgiveness and although it takes a long to to forget. We will surely get there one way or another.

I used to teach ballroom dancing. I really do know how I got the job. All I can remember was that I was referred by one of my bosses and they screen me and asked me to dance the SWING and happily I obliged. Much to my amusement that I was accepted. Thanks to my brother -- John who made me has his practice partner. My brother, John was also a Dance Instructor at that time and he is still today. He has broaden his field. He is now a Disc Jockey and a proud owner of a ballroom club here in California.

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I missed those nights. I remember so well that before our Dad left for the states. Our every weekend routine would be going out of town. We most especially visited quite often Moalboal Beach and stayed at Panagsama Beach. We would all hopped in our station wagon and would fight over who would sit at the back where our Dad made it extra soft and comfortable for us. Lola Carmen and Manang Lily would be coming with us all ready with a delicious adobo, fried chicken, lechon kawali, grilled pork chop and grilled fish with itlog maalat.I remember going to church at Redemptorist and after the mass would go to Rustan's to run some errands and Sunbursts Fried Chicken or Dimsum or Shamrock or to Lola Abing's House or Lola Carmen's place for a delicious lunch. Ice cream at Coney Island and we always seem to fight over that bubble gum flavored ice cream. Played to our heart's content with spying eye's from our nannies. I also remember vividly that every Sunday as we retire for that tiring playing and endless visit to our Lola's, Papa never fails to play a beautiful music and with imitating sound of a trumpet ala Jazz player. That's why I remember a lot of old and classical music of their time. Which in my time right now is already a way way way an antique music.

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I remember one night when my parents arrived late after a gathering of The Lions Club and Rotary and I was sitting on the sofa waiting for them. I was rushed to the hospital with a high fever and I was able to live and tell the story. Due to that high fever I was admitted at Community Hospital where my Lolo who was also our pediatrician attended to me together with his group of doctors and friends and my Dad gave me some pringles and my Mom "you are giving here that pringles and you know that she will just throw it up," but my dad being a dad and Daddy's girl. He didn't mind my mom nagging at him and true that I just throw it all up. When I was in high school I had a close reunion with Death but then again with all the professional help we have and knew I was taken care of just fine. I had an appendectomy procedure that if not detected right then and there it could have exploded inside me and poison my entire body. But then again I was save.

Life has and have been good to us. We never failed to thank God for all the blessings that He has given us and we have received. Although some memories of not so good should be forgotten and buried but yet we learned from it and tries not to do it over again or do it unto others. Life has been really a big journey to us and yet we have to discover what our destiny would be.

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