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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now I know why ....

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At least now I know why
Who would have thought that you would feel this way
I am so sorry for having offended you
but regardless of your status in life

I never told you that my life is great
I never let you felt that I am a much better person that you are.

We are unique individuals
We are molded by our experiences and of what we learned
Sorry, if I came so strong to you
didn't mean to make you feel that way.

I treated you as a friend, an acquaintance
but it seems like you didn't feel the same.

We all make mistakes and from our mistakes
we learned... we get up each time we fall
and vowed to never to it again.

My blogs are of my life, my thoughts
my experiences, my feelings..... about ME as a person.

I give advice of what I know from my experiences,
my thoughts, know how as a person.
If it offended you in any way, then my apologies.

Let's just keep it a blog.
Where you and I keep our frustrations, our happy moments,
our sadness, our triumphs as a person.

Let's blog with our heart, with our mind and
let the fingers do the typing.

Enjoy life!!!!!

I am BlinkieBitch.Com - Cutest, Hottest Free Blinkies! cause I know that someday you will learn to forgive me of my mistakes.

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