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Friday, May 19, 2006

Signs Of Cheating ......

So happened to watch Oprah yesterday and the episode is about Ultimate Betrayal ---------- When husbands cheats with your bestfriend. Ouch!! What would you do? After learning that your husband is cheating with your bestfriend. Will you take your husband back and forgive him? Will you also forgive your bestfriend for what happened?

Flaskbacks of certain things, episodes and people stood still before my eyes. I was in tears, my emotions were running wild, I got cold feet and I felt I was numb.

Although cheating and the likes of it always comes from the very day we were born ---------- our childhood days. The open wounds that never did close and as we grow so are the wounds of our past. We never let go of this experiences and we sometimes tend to bring it with us to whomever we are associated with.

Here are some signs of cheating:

*Taking too long to accomplish a simple tasks.
*Taking a shower immediately after getting home.
*Cell phone bills get higher and higher.
*Out of town trips.

Source: http://www.oprah.com

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