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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weekend ......

Our weekend started pretty early. Friday night we were out and roaming the streets of our city. We went to the mall, went to get some boba and planned what we will be doing for saturday and sunday.. Went home and had some family time together. The house was a mess. The kids were playing as I was in the kitchen preparing for our dinner.

Had dinner, talked, joke around and laughed together. Everyone slept pretty late that night. Woke up early the following day around 5:45 in the morning and went to the laundrymat which opens at around 6 in the morning, about 3 miles from where we are. Need to laundry the big stuff. My hubby was with me helping me do the laundry. Load it and went to get some grabs. Got back, took it out and dryer time..

Got home around 8:45 in the morning and change we are off to watched my brother in law's (Joey) bowling tournament. It was a pretty good game. First 2 game they were in the lead but on the third and last they were murdered by their opponent. Nevertheless it was a hell of a game. 1000/875. They bag the 2nd place position.

After the tournament we drop him off at his office and we went to his pad. Went biking with my son and while we were biking, my hubby and daughter had a bike lessons and I showed her how to ride a bike in less than 15 minutes she was riding her bike.
I was so amazed how quickly she got it. She had a couple of rounds and getting the hang of it. When my brother in law was drop off by one of his closest friends and he grab some change clothes and proceeded to our place. Stop by at Yoshinoya for our dinner and off to home. Watch some movies, the kids were playing and I was tidying up the place a little bit. They went to starbucks and I was off to dreamland.

Got up at 6:20 in the morning and hit the shower. Get dress and woke up my daughter to take a shower and get dress, Inno was next in line and daddy's last.

We were ready to hear mass. With Lolo singing in the choir during the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month. The mass was supposed to start at 9:00 in the morning but for some reason the priest forget the time. Oh yes! He forgot that it was a 9:00 o'clock mass. He thought that it would start at 9:30....

After hearing mass with my dad we all went to IHOP - International House of Pancakes. Had our brunch and went to office depot to get some ink for the printer and off we went home. Rested for a couple of hours and drop my brother in law at the bowling alley for another game with this Sunday group. Went to his pad and bike around and head home.

Grab some chinese food and went home to chow down on it. Watch movies with the kids while I was busy preparing their things for the next day. Off to dreamworld.....

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