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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Been counting my blessings ......

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***For a hubby so understanding, thoughtful, loving and patient

***For a family who means so much

***For a mother in law who sees both the good and the bad

***For having such wonderful brothers and sisters in laws who treasured me as ME

***For friends who cared for me so much that they do not want to see me hurting

***For my siblings who are my wall, my rock and my rainbow

***For my kids who seems to be ever makulit, my sunshine, my happiness, sweet words and affections and my diamond on every success and failure

***For God who is always the center of our family. Thank you for making our family much stronger as the typhoon in our lives comes and go.

***For the employer who seems to give us endless jobs

***For all the new friends that I have met. Thank you for seeing the real ME and getting to know who I am.

***For all the endless phone call from here and around the world.

***For all the endless nights of chit chat and sharing some life stories of love , of family, of life and all that binds us around.

***For all the sleepless nights of crying and letting out what hurts inside

***For all the happy moments and boiterious laughters that we shared and the good food, good company, good moments

Thank you so much for being part of my life/our life. For all the good things and good times shall roll again and again.

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