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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Losing someone is one of the things that I dread the most. I fear of hearing the words "death", "final flight", "last will", "last words" and the likes. How true is it that it is more painful to lose a child than to lose a parent?

If a spouse dies... the remaining one is called a Biyuda

If a parent dies... the surviving child or children are called Orphans.

If a child dies... the surviving parents is called what? Childless.

But sometimes when a parent dies the surviving children tends to make a jungle of their life and seems to be in no direction and sometimes other struggles to make a better of themselves. We should see death or losing our loved as not of a downfall but we should see it as a way of proving to others that we can make it happen if we will be helping each other side by side.

Pain of having lost someone may it be in sudden death, illness, murder and some other things is such a big burden to each respective family. Just the journey of losing them and trying to solved the what if's and the endless why's.

Mixed emotions of hatred, being down, angry, sad, the pain, the struggle, emptiness, loneliness and when is the right time to accept it.

Coping of the lost of the someone we loved. Coping that they will never be back. Coping that you have forget to let them know how you loved and how they are very important to you. The endless what if's and endless guilt inside you.

Struggle of accepting the lost of a loved someone. Endless struggle of the fact that you already lost that someone and there is no way no matter how hard you cry that, that someone will be back and be with you.

Understanding and accepting after all the loneliness, the emptiness, the sadness, the endless nights of crying, the pointing of fingers and the guilt. We slowly understand why this had to happen to us and slowly accept and live our life back little by little in a normal way.

It won't be that easy to put our life back from where it used to be but we will try to make it and live each day with one little steps at a time. For someday we know that we will be with them.

Separation, Annullment, Divorce many I know who are at this stage and some I admired most they learn to fight for their kids future and make better off of their lives. We should not see this as a "label" but a freedom from all of those loneliness, sadness, vicious times, endless tortures mentally, physically, verbally and emotionally. To those who are out and got out "Cheers and Congratulations". Hope you will find your happiness and share it with someone much deserving like you.

Endless love and Happily married couples I admired and I am so exciting and gets butterfly in my stomach if I see an old couple still holding hands, still sweet and loving each other like the first day they fell in love. Aaahhh, love the every opposite of hate, which will always be accompanied by sadness, happiness, loneliness, fulfillment and the every ending fights and make ups.

Being happily married we have to bend our rules and sometimes think of the consequences of anything that we are going to do and about to do. Everything and anything do have this one way or another. Sometimes we can be very independent and dependent. What matters is that we learn to respect each other, and always say “sorry” if only you mean it. It doesn’t matter who's fault is it what's important is that you learn to understand, talk things out, find a solution to the problem before it gets worse, work hand in hand, side by side, two heads are better than one, learn to appreciate each other, be thankful, be honest, be considerate, although we know that sometimes we can be as stubborn as hell but we have to learn to give and take as well. Marriage is a two way street. Communicate as often as you can so that the other person will not be guessing of what you are thinking.

Don't fall in love with someone you can live with. Instead fall in love with someone you can't live without.

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