Of Beginnings and Beyond

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lifetime of memories ....

As far as I could remember I have met a lot of people from different walks of life. People who went astray because they found out that they were adopted, molested, rape and had an abortion. From heiress of a multimillion company, to a bum, to a prostitute, call boy, call girl, to a feeling she/he thinks knows it call kind of people, to a backstabber and etceteras.

We make our future regardless of what we know of ourselves. We may feel devastated and feeling that the whole world is against us and we feel like we are a worthless human being but the truth is if we go the other direction we make our journey to the other side of the world. A world that our parents do not want us to go to but then again, it’s our decision to make and our parents are just there to guide to the right path, right? Easier said than done. I know. I have been to this kind of feeling, feeling that the whole world is conspiring to wreck my whole life. But when I make amends and make my peace. I found a better life and a better meaning of how things are. I open my eyes to a world beyond my wildest imagination, learn a lot of things, learn that people will walk over you if you let them and sometimes it’s ok to be an asshole and a biatch. But then again I also remember that being so nice and goodie good kind of a thing doesn’t change other peoples’ thinking of how you are and being tough but considerate makes other people understand how you look at life.

But then again we do not need to rebel to the people who have hurt us but instead we need to prove to them that we are worth something. Something that they will ought to have given to us a person and as a human being. We do not need to dwell of the past instead we need to learn from our past so that we will not make it a double mistake. We need to be tough, strong, yet kind and considerate of our surroundings. We need to move up not to prove to them that we are worthy individuals but to make them realize of what they have given up.

Life is short we need to live each day with a goal and be thankful that we are still alive and breathing and we could still make our dreams a reality. Sometimes it’s just hard to get to where we will be going. But as long we strive hard to make that dream a reality we will be able to make it work out. “Life is not how many air you breath and how many places you have visited but it’s what catches your breath and left a footprints in your hearts. For memories are made with wonderful choices and the bad ones a learning experience. Then we make our journey and may that journey be our guide to our destiny.”

Life is full of challenges and we will succumb all of it one way or another. But life is a celebration and not a curse. We should be thankful for the people whom we care and whom cared for us. We can never please everybody but we can try and while we try we should not forget to be ourselves. Being us is our signature in this world. No one can take it away from us for every individual is totally unique. Just an education is stays in your mind and no matter how old you will be you somehow remember the good old days of your life. The life you once lived and now dawning at you. But nevertheless you have enjoyed your youthful years, your adulthood and came those wonderful and exciting memories of the opposite sex.

We should live life like it’s our last and make memories that will last for a lifetime!

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