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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What's inside.....

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Come one and come all. Don't forget to leave your marks. Don't be shy to share what's inside ....

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1.)What's inside your purse/bag right now?
-- wallet, lip gloss, mirror, comb, small notepad, lotion, tissue, 2 sanitary napkins(in case of emergency), cellphone, pens, makeup kit, gums, keys, coin purse, digital cam and pictures.

2.)What's inside your refrigerator/freezer?
-- orange juice, water, beer, cheese, frozen pizza, biscuits, cookies, minced garlic, butter, condiments, eggs, meat, chicken, beef and bread.

3.)What's inside your cellphone right now?
-- about 150 contacts, reminders, daily alarms, important dates, directions, emails, games, ringtones, addresses and text messages.

4.)What's inside your organizer?
-- pictures, old cards, passport, pens, important dates and directions.

5.)What's inside your head right now?
-- dinner, paying the bills, check the emails, call some friends, finishing this and who's going to reply first.

6.)What's inside your pantry?
-- oatmeal, cooking oil, rice keeper, canned foods, baking foods, noodles, coffee, coffee filters and condiments.

7.)What's inside your pocket right now?
-- lint and home keys.

8.)What's inside your office drawers/study desk?
-- files, cd's, check book, scotch tape, pens, erasers, pencils, paper clips, a roll of film(God knows from what year), pictures and white paper.

9.)What's inside your car compartment?
-- insurance and registration of the car, brush/comb, lotion, maps, tissue, wet naps, emergency flash light, pens and index cards.

10.)What's inside your attic/basement/garage right now?
-- exercise equipment, boxes of boxes, motorcycle, car, games, bikes, refrigerator, toys, filing cabinet, radio and electric fans.

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I am tagging ----- YOU.!! Your next.

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