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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Clair... who?

My sister in law told me that I am a clairvoyant. Huh? A what?

Having the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision.
Quick, intuitive knowledge of things and people.
Literal definition: clair; defined as 'clear'; & voyance or voyant defined as 'seeing'

Eerie, freaky and weird what else? Since childhood I have encountered the other world. Call me weird but I know that I am gifted somehow. Have you ever fore see things before it happens or get connection from your loved ones across thousands of miles? Or even just entering someone else's house? Can you tell if something had happen and pin point where?

Well, I happen to see it before and get the message through and get this weird nausea feeling as it is about to unfold. I can't say that I am a medium because I cannot communicate with the dead. I can sense their presence and their feelings when I am surrounded.

Others happen in a dream. Just about a few weeks ago I dreamed of some middle age woman knocking at my door. My husband open the door and asked if she can see me and I asked my husband do I know her? What does she want from me? and so I went down and all she said was can you help me find Mary Ann Hernandez? Then the alarmed went off and my dream ended there.

Then I got the news that one of our family friend died after a long battle of cancer. Could this be connected to my dream or a vision that she needed help to find someone or perhaps just a dream?

But I sometimes gets scared of meeting people or by just being too close to them. It happen just a few months ago that one of my friends feeling is clouding up her emotions and her decision I wanted to help her out and wanted to be there but the big question that hangs in my head is HOW? I just felt that she needed someone to talked too and so I called her up(via long distance) she was thinking of committing suicide but because I called and we had a long talk her decision was and her thinking was cleared up and she was thankful.

We emailed each other since that last talked we had. Although she and I are not that close we became one.... "You're the friend that destiny forget to give me as a sister." this is her last quote message....

My heart just melt and you will forever be my other sister.... Love you!

I am not weird,I am just gifted.... :P

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