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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

feeling mixed up

You know how it feels when you know that you special and appreciated, but never felt it. Ever felt like this? I am just wondering how many people out there are unappreciated but knew that they are special.

Ever wonder what will the people around you do if ever you will be gone. Will they survive it? What will happen to them? Sometimes, people are not good with expressing their feelings but they can do it in writing.

This is sometimes how I feel. I know that they are so thankful for me being around whenever, wherever, whatever, however and whomever it maybe when they need anything but I never felt appreciated. I never felt being recognized or acknowledge for things I have done. It's always "Kaya nya yan, sya pa superwoman yan ano." Man, if I could just scream at them to let them know that I am just a human being and I got no super powers to make things work the way they want it too. Only if I could...

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in loneliness and yet no one notices. Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by people whom I care so much and who cares to me but feels like I am all alone. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of people with me but then as I look back I am alone in my journey. Let no one knows how I am feeling and let no one sees me cry.

Could I just be overreacting and exaggerated what I am feeling?

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