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Sunday, October 01, 2006

feeling the spirit ......

Can you feel the Christmas spirit in the air?

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If I got it right it's 85 more days to go and it's Christmas! California's weather is getting chilly at night. You can already feel the winter chill. As I am typing this out it's kinda gloomy and cold winds. For a change this is what we need after all the hot summer days and nights. Start grabbing your sweaters and brace the winter chill.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting We will be slowly putting up our Christmas tree and Christmas decor and gather up hopefully next weekend, we will be discussing what's our theme for this year. Every year we have a different theme. We already had Victorian theme, Disney theme, Pink and Purple, Blue Christmas, Gold and White, Silver and Blue and a whole lot more. But we always recycle, mix and match to suit our theme for this year.

I know before this month will end I will be busy as Santa's helpers will be. Actually I am already busy preparing the menu for Christmas and New Year. The kids are already busy writing what they want for Christmas and collecting ideas what to give who and how much they can afford. As of last year they were busy saving up every dime and nickel they can save for giving out gifts to that special person.

How time flies that it's already the 1st day of October. Happy birthday, Jonathan. Seems like the summer just started and seems like yesterday that school started and here we are October already. Man, how time flies.

Next thing you know is that 2007 is knocking at your door. Start making your list and shopping early. That's what we do. We usually starts buying some presents if the budget permits as early as June. So that we can accomodate everyone we want to give love on Christmas.

But we have to remember as well that Christmas is not just about presents. It's about how it all started, the birth of Jesus and the whole shebang about the season. Let this season be remembered with your family, loved ones and friends. Spend it wisely and start building a memories to last for another lifetime.

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