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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just like what they say “help me understand you.” This is one topic I am dealing with right now. But nevertheless we forget also to ask ourselves how can they help us understand when they do know what you want them to help you understand.

Seems like a maze. Actually it can be one and it can’t be as well. We cannot push the other party to explain when he himself doesn’t know what you want from him.

If it is a baby we have to learn to pay attention to his mood swings and gestures and if it is an adult we need to be sensitive to their feelings and play it by ear. But how and when can we ask this, can you help me understand you? When can we interrupt and say this words “help me understand you.” Tricky isn’t it. When you accused someone of doing something bad or good you already assumed that it is his fault. Instead of listening to both side and get your verdict, but instead you shut the door and made your verdict before hearing his story.

We can simply say to the child hop on the bike find your balance and put your feet on the pedal. How will the child know how to balance when he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of it. When will the child know when to start cranking the pedal when he doesn’t understand the balance and when to start cranking the pedal.

As we all see it takes a lot of pressure and things to explain how it works. Instead of negativity let’s make it a positive approach and just by saying it in a nice way it does sound positive, so can you “ help me understand you.”

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Anonymous bea berkata...

hello, mela. i'm just bloghopping...

i agree with you. i hope a lot of people would see things the way you do so that things will be better for them and for the people around them.

you've got a cute blog, by the way. first look at it, i thought its owner is a teener. well, i guess you are a fellow child-at-heart heheh ;) i admire blogs whose owners how to tweak layouts because i am no a tech-savvy person so my blog is just dependent on my host's available templates. i still have to learn a lot heheh

enjoy your day! ingat!

10:08 PM  
Blogger watson berkata...

Medyo mahirap nga ang situation na ito, kasi when somebody says these words, medo nasa level na ng confusion and concern on a more personal level.

11:57 PM  
Blogger Carmela berkata...

I totally agree with both of you bea and watson..... because you make a comment it doesn't mean to have to take it personally... kaya nga we blog to hear other people's opinion di ba...

Thanks for dropping by .... Ingat din kayo!

7:11 AM  
Blogger Principessa Sita berkata...

Well I hope I share the same point of view, but I'm in a state of confusion right now, prolly because I'm a teenager. I know tis will pass. :D

8:35 PM  

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