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Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange connection

Every since the school started it has been my routine that after dropping Francheska, my daughter to school I walk about half an hour or so every single day unless health or weather doesn't permits.

During my walks I clear my head of any negativity and think a lot of positive things. (if they can just have a device to input all of the things that I have been thinking that would be great) Each morning I am more appreciating being a Mom, a Wife, a Sister, a Daughter and a WOMAN. I met a lot of people while making my morning walk and appreciate another day that I am alive.

During one of my walks I was about 2 short blocks near our pad I saw a late 30’s early 40’s lady standing near the bus stop. As I was approaching her I couldn't help but notice that she was sobbing and as we exchange How are you’s – I was caught by surprise to her answered, “She said I am not fine.” And all I could utter was I am sorry to hear that and I do not what got into me and said to her, “Do you mind sharing it?” and she did, from the look on her face it seems like someone just rip her heart off from her chest, that today is her last to live on earth and that seeing me was her last breath of air.

We were sitting at the bus stop bench while she was telling me that her husband has filed for divorce and the cause of it is third party (her own sister.) I can’t help it but my eyes got misty when she was telling me how good her life was. She said, “It seems to me that I had everything a good size house, a good husband and provider, a wonderful circle of friends, a great job.” What had happened? Where did I go wrong?

And I said sometimes things happen for a reason, don’t you think? You seem to be a strong person and I know that the next time we will be seeing each other you will have a great smile on your face, happy and living life to it's fullest. She smiled and she said I might be taking so much of your time but I appreciate it so much from a stranger to listen to my dramas in life. Can I buy you a coffee? And I just said that would be great but I will to have a rain check on that one. And as we are saying our good-byes, she said well I guess then that I have to catch you again one of these days here. I hug her so tight and she smiled and said thank you so much for being such a great friend. By the way my name is Luisa and your -- Anna.(Anna is my first name by the way and some people have and had knew me as Carmela.)

And I answered her back, you can catch me here every single morning, same time unless my health or the weather doesn’t permits me. ‘Till then and take care of yourself and see you around the corner. God bless!

As I went home I couldn’t hold my emotions I was sobbing and crying and thanking God for He gave me a good husband, a great kids and a loving family by my side. I just can’t imagine how fortunate I am.

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