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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Summer of 2006

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Our summer was mostly spend indoors. We have moved to a new place, a new area, a new surroundings, new school, meeting new friends and some old ones as well and we were still getting to know the area. During the cool nights we spend at least an hour and half biking around the neighborhood or go swimming. Spend late nights up staring at that night skies while watching the stars twinkling down at us and the crickets are our surround sound.

We had watched countless of movies and not to mention a repeat of it. Went malling and Farmer's Market during Wednesdays. Went to the bookstore to just hang out and read some books. What's else will you do at a bookstore, right? Went to San Diego and Orange County to visit relatives. Endless birthday parties and babysitting.

We had the time to bond as a family. Share ideas and goof around. Eat ice cream, baked some cookies and barbeque's during the weekend while the adults played Mahjongg and some drinking session. Some friends also dropped by and stay overnight. The kids wants to learn ballroom dancing after being inspired by the movies Shall We Dance and Take The Lead. You Got Served and Honey are their all time favorite hip hop movies. Step Up is definitely in their list of DVD's to get once out. Bring It On All Or Nothing has endless replays and they are still loving it. I love the movie Doogal. It's one Laugh Out Loud movie for me. Matador never mind watching it and a whole lot of movies we had watched and I can't remember all of them.... hehehehe

So far summer 2006 was spent indoors. The change of location made us, for living in the valley gets really hot during the days and cooler during the nights. So far no one is complaining about it and they are loving the place and area where we are at. Near to mostly everything we want to go.

How about you what have you done with your summer?

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