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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

weder, weder lang yan ...

Weekend came by early and ended so quick. For the last few days we have been busy running around town with endless things to cover. From the email that Manang Maia past away to Tita Del's birthday, to Auntie Luming hospitalization, a visit from Jessica and Bryan, filing some documents, clearing some boxes out, getting some of the christmas stuff ready and spending some extra time with Mama Sophie.

Seems like a lot of time to cover and that's we also thought. You know how time flies when you have a lot of things to do and not to mention the L.A.'s traffic and that's exactly how our weekend went by so fast and so little time to recover and pick up the bits and pieces left behind.

Weather was fine. Had a few quick showers. The sun always comes out in California even after a rainstorm. Yesterday's weather was nice the sun was out and a few cool winds kept up cool while attending the burial of Manang Maia. Ate at Thai BBQ in Glendale, went to Kaiser Hospital in Bellflower to pay a visit to Auntie Luming, went to Target in Cerritos to shop around and dropped Mama off at Santa Ana.

Contrast to what some people say that rainy days can make them feel down and some cold nights makes them lonely. Well, my family are loving it so far it seldoms rains in California and lately we need some rain to help the firefighters put the month old or so fire and cold nights are just what we need after a long day at work and school.

Although, in the early morning my kids and husband are having a a little bit of a hard time getting up because they want to snuggle up in their bed and catch more wink.

Right now the weather is nice. Fall like weather. The sun is out with a little cool breeze. Definitely loving the weather and can't wait for winter to be here.

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