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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I really wonder long and hard about this topic.

Does age really matters? Maybe for some it does but for you does it matter to you?

I remember back in Cebu when someone special was old as I am. He can passed to be my Dad. I was in a meeting and he happened to stop by and the security guard passed me a note saying "Your Dad is outside", as my thoughts shifted from the meeting to the note and I said excuse myself. As I went outside and too my surprised it wasn't my Dad it was my baby. And I could see the eyes of the people starring at us and the way their lips are moved of so many questions of why's ringing inside my ear.

I went back inside and one of my co-workers asked the strangest and weirdest question. What did you see in him? his big fat wallet? and I just smiled and said to her, It may sound so stupid but it's not about money. Why is it when you fall for other person they think your a gold digger? Why is it all about money?

I fell in love with him even if he is older than my Dad.I just can't explain the connection and the feeling when I am with him. I feel safe and I know that everything will be alright. That kind of feeling.

I wasn't ashamed of anything like that been seen with him in the malls, boutique and restaurants. Which we dine a lot and people always thought of us as father and daughter. Sometimes, I feel awful and tired of explaining it but sooner or later you get used to it.

Does age really matters?

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