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Friday, November 03, 2006

Last night...

Currently I am feeling: sad and anxious

You can find me: At home sitting in front of the computer

Yesterday the whole day I kept myself busy with a lot of things from arranging things around the house to ironing clothes to doing the laundry to keep the place clean and blogging. The whole day I felt so uneasy and anxious about I do not know what and 10 minutes before 10:00 I got my answer.

Last night at 7:55 P.M. I went up to our bedroom and watch Desire while flipping the channel to also watched Smallville and Ugly Betty (pretty busy ha!) and then Grey's Anatomy's turn and Fashion House (honestly I didn't even remember what I was watching and the storyline goes).

10 minutes before both shows will be over, I heard my hubby (who is in the living room watching smallville) talking to someone. So I went down and he was on the phone and signal me to come down all the way. So I did and he gave the phone to me.

On the other line was my Dad. Calling to let us know that he will undergo an angioplasty procedure to check if he got some blockage in his arteries. He doesn't sound too good and the way he talks he sounds like he is drunk. We hanged up and I went upstairs secretly sobbing for what the outcome will be.

And here I am right now try to occupy my mind with a lot of things and blogging is one of them. I talked to my sister and got a texted message from my brother in Philippines and hoping everything will go smoothly.

Til then I have to play the waiting game for the result anytime today and hope that it will be a good one. I am crossing my fingers so tight.


As you are reading this ....

Please say a prayer for my Dad's health. Thank you

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