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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let's Party!!!

Let's live, laugh, love and learn about life and To all the December Celebrants.......

Let's Party

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*December 1st --- Me, Myself and I
*December 1st --- Natalie Bautista

*December 4th --- Jane Solon

*December 6th --- Merlie Bautista

*December 8th --- Connie Camp

*December 9th --- Lindo Gigante

*December 16th --- Beethooven Garin

*December 20th --- Krystal Bautista
*December 20th --- Steve Villariasa

*December 24th --- Christine Inocando
*December 24th --- Ian Solon

*December 31st --- Eula Richards

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Anonymous Anonymous berkata...

A very happy, happy birthday to you Carmela and many more candles to blow. Salud!!

8:23 AM  

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