Of Beginnings and Beyond

Monday, November 13, 2006


Relationship differs from each one of us. Even how hard we try. Sometimes, it just doesn't work that easily as we anticipated it.

Relationship can also grow sour. How and why? Once in the relationship we should remember the "first". The first time you met. How did he look at you and what did you say to him. All this little details that some of us neglect too. We need to keep fire burning and keep the excitement as it's highest level.

Relationship can also be learn. At first it was just physical appearance, infatuation and crushes. As this intensifies. We learn to commit and learn to love the other person. We learn to get hurt and say sorry. We learn to asked for forgiveness and to forgive. In a relationship we learn to grow.

Relationship can help you or break you. When we fall head over hells to our mate. We sometimes tend to forget ourself. We love being with each other and if time calls that one of you can't make it you tend to be mad, get upset and ends in a fight. It doesn't have to be that way. You are two people in a relationship learn to adjust and make compromises to benefit each one. Too much of anything can lead to bad things and regret is always at the end.

Relationship should brings out the best of each of you. Compliments the other and sees the right from the wrong. Being together is like the yin and the yang, the black and the white, the sun and the moon. You and your mate should blend with each other's personality and not the other way around.

Relationship can grow sweeter each day. As each of you brings out the best and compliments the other. It can also grow sweeter each day. A healthy relationship can be good to you, to your surroundings, to people whom you are with and to your mate. A little fight or misunderstanding is normal as long as you know when to stop and never hit or say things you might just regret once the storm dies down. Saying sorry will not kill you or admitting your mistakes will not jeopardizes you as a person. It takes courage to accept your mistake and saying sorry is just being human.

Relationship can grow old, work miracles and strong. It's all up to both of you to make it work. Because of love a lot of miracles can happen and a strong foundation of a relationship to make it grow old, strong and make miracles is to understand each other, trust, respect, openess and caring for the relationship you build from ground up and each other.

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