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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Since Saturday and up to now I am still sick. Doctor's diagnosis --- Tonsillitis. Yup, every common for others but for me it's every year and the doctor is trying to convinced me to have it removed. Honestly, I am scared to death and what if something bad happens... wawa naman ang mga anak ko ano.

But I should give it a second thinking so that I won't be suffering for another tonsillitis next year. All of us are sick hubby and daughter suffering from sinusitis and cough, my son is getting a little bit better than the three of us.

I just hate it when I am feeling this way. I can't care for sick because I am also sick. It's hard to be nice, happy and understanding when you are feeling crappy.

Right now I need a lot of rest and some TLC.....

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Hope you feel better soon..... =)

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