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Monday, November 13, 2006


Weekend came early for me and the kids. Friday, they had no school and some establishments were close due to the Veteran's Day. We all got up early had a lazy long day just bonding, talking about their school, classmates and what they want for Christmas. Oh yes! It's less than 50 days to go and Christmas will be knocking at our and your doors too.

Got a call from my sister in law that Joshua will be dropped off overnight and will be picked up on Saturday afternon. Baby sat Joshua and went to the mall, let the kids roam around and check some toys, gadgets and stuff they want for Christmas and had dinner at Red Robin. Ain't bad at all. The service was great. Sean, our waiter was so attentive and very quick with our orders and refills.

Saturday came I got up pretty late around 7:30 than the usual 5:00. Cooked breakfast and ate. Lounge around the house, childs playing with Joshua and I was just doing some cleaning stuff, arranging some furnitures, checking the clothes for the next week and preparing for lunch and dinner as well. Yup! Still early to be preparing for lunch and dinner but I got to feed a family of hungry hippos and from time to time they are hungry.The house sounds like I got 20 kids running and playing around. Saturday was pretty much a resting day for us.

Had dinner at Thai BBQ and went to Starbuck's to grab some coffee together with my in laws as my sister in law in San Diego paid a surprise visit. As soon as we got out of Thai BBQ the weather change. It got windy and so cold. The whole Saturday night the winds are howling and blowing a lot of debris.

Sunday just resting and getting ready for tomorrow. School and work again. Weekend was great had a lot of fun, family bonding and good memories.

Hope you had a great weekend. How was your weekend?

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