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Friday, December 01, 2006

Birthday E-Card .....

Got this e-card from my Dad and I just wanna share it with you all.... Enjoy your weekend and Happy Friday!!

Thanks to My Daughter,

I have learned a most important lesson about relationships
that no matter what we're doing...
No matter of how little significance it seems...
all she really wants is for me to be fully present.

She doesn't want me for what i can give her
for where i can take her
or even what we can do together

she simply wants me for me

Having a daughter like you is wonderful for a lot of reasons,
but one of the most special is how much you've taught me through the years.
i want to you to know that your interests
your opinions and your outlook on life
have given me an appreciation of a lot of things I might have otherwise missed

Even our difference have worked to show me a new perspective on things
and tech me the way isn't the only way

I only hope that through the years
you may have learned from me
some measure of all
I have learned from you

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Anonymous Anonymous berkata...

In every mistake we make we learned from it make it from you, your parents, your friends or just someone.

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

7:32 AM  

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