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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

As anticipated the Christmas just went too fast and ended so soon. The kids were so eager to open their presents.

My family were so busy driving from east to west and north to south. Although some planned were cancelled and postponed. We still had managed to make and go through with some of the plans that was left hanging. Attended a birthday party of my cousin, played some poker, drinking, eating and chitchatting with cousins and aunts around the whole lechon.

Christmas eve I did dare went to the mall for some of the last minute Christmas gifts and to my surprised that I found a parking spot right there and then and I was out with in an hour. The longest line that I was at was at Victoria's Secret for about 5 to 10 minutes, ain't bad during the eve of Christmas. Had lunch at In N Out and went home to wrapped some of the gifts. Got ready and was on the right track and on time but then again made a detour. Hubby got so tired and want to sleep more and so we left late, arrived late for dinner but all in all it all went well.

Christmas Day went to pay a visit to my in laws. It was just like an ordinary day when we got there. We arrived, ate, gave the gifts, kids played and they just went to do whatever they want to do. I was left in the living room playing with the kids. Supposed to pay a visit to my Dad and my brother but Francheska all of a sudden got high fever and so we just decided to go straight home per her request and it was so traffic.

Another Christmas and hope you all had a great one.

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Anonymous Mimi berkata...

Sure did had a great and fast Christmas. Happy new year and God bless!!!

8:07 AM  

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