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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Helping Out...

Isn't it such a nice feeling to be able to say "Thank You" and be able to help even in your own little ways. I have been working as a researcher, secretary, photographer, investigator — in short I am your all around employee if you need help in anything that you can't do that I can do.

Sometimes I get paid in kind, food, clothes, jewelry, gift cards, a trip, a hotel and fare, a simple "thank you" and money. Which I really do not mind. As long as I can help and it's up to you how you want to pay me or how you want to thank me. I am not looking forward for the reward but for the end result and the satisfaction of the customer.

The feeling that you are being appreciated is more than what money or the gifts can buy. A simple thank you is fine with me. Oh Yes! I am that simple and down to earth or how you called it "helpful in my own little way."

Helping out is not a big deal with me as long as I know what you want me to do and everything is explained to me the way it should be and I will do the best of the ability that I have. Helping out is some of the traits that I got from my Mom. She helps out but she doesn't help because she knows that she will get something out of it. She helps because she wants to help and that's it. She has been helping seminarians go through with the whole nine yards in becoming an ordained priest. She has helped people in terms of food, clothing, shelter and money. Although we are not rich, she still continues to help others of what she has and shared it to them.

I have learned that through helping we can also gained and learn something from the people/person we helped out. Helping is a gift and through this gift I am able to touch peoples lives as they have touched mine.

Just the smile that you brings out to the person/people whom you helped out is PRICELESS.

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Anonymous Joey berkata...

That's good of you to help out without even expecting anything. Indeed your heart is gold. Keep helping and reach out.... =)

7:24 AM  

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