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Monday, January 22, 2007

Go with the flow...

Things change and as life changes,
one thing that is hard to change is to tell your heart not beat anymore.
So that you will never feel down or mourn another heartache.
But, as we all say "That's life."

People get married and live happily ever after,
While other lived unhappily with the person whom they thought who will make them happy,
While others mourn a lost of a better half, and others sign another legal document
called "annulment" and some "divorce" documents.
It hurts but reality is it does change too.

One day as you go on living you will be able to find someone who will loved you as you but as life is, it can change too and you might live happily ever after

We love and we get hurt.
We stand and we fall and as we fall we see the people whom we have neglected to share our love and undivided attention.
As we learned to stand again and we make sure to never to do it again.

We sometimes alter something in our life to make others happy
But reality we should just follow the flow of life and make the most of it.

Sometimes life is life and we should just let it be....

Posted By:CarmelaSolon @ 12:54 PM

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Anonymous Mae berkata...

It's better to just go with the flow but you must also learn how to swim just in case you are way to much flowing with the flow.

7:48 AM  

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