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Thursday, January 25, 2007

OMG moment...

After watching last Friday's episode of Maging Sino Ka Man where in Eli and Jackie were trying to elope and Fidel and his men found them with JB and they snatched Jackie from Ely and punched him and left him for dead. Trying to make Jackie marry someone whom she doesn't love for the sake of money is just unjustifiable and inhumane.

As I was watching that episode and I can't help but cry uncontrollably for those moments had happened to me in real life. There a time when my then boyfriend and I were forbidden to see each other and because of our weakness and LOVE we fought for it but failed to see who our allies were and we failed and they succeeded because he surrender and gave me up.

It was a touching moment for me to relive that hurtful past but happy to have found a man who love me and made me happy. A real OMG moment for me.

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Anonymous Sheila berkata...

I hope that you are doing ok by now. Isn't that amazing that sometimes in teleserye or even movies some of the moments seems to be written like what we have gone through.

6:07 AM  

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