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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pay back...

Do you remember the good things you have done to someone? Of course you do and know why because it's the good part.

Do you remember the bad or mean things you have done? I bet you don't. These are the things we want to forget or escaped into. But reality is, it doesn't do that.

We always remember the good memories, the memories that made us smile and tickle our stomach like butterflies living there. Most people remember the bad ones, these experiences is were they get their strength from. With these experiences they seek hope and make a better life and others seek revenge from it.

Just like any other mother's will say "always save something for rainy days" and "let your money sleep." These are the famous lines my mother had taught us and for that I am so grateful. She taught us how to manage money and life and always look back and be thankful for everything, even the bad ones.

As I matured I passed this on to my kids and tell them stories of our struggles and how we survived it. Never let anyone step on you and also start from the bottom so that you reach to the top.

Life has and have been a struggle and daily we struggle as a family. Although there are times that how I wish it didn't happen, all I do is wish for it to never too happened again.

As I celebrate life just like you, I can't help but look back to our struggle and how people whom we loved and trust treated us like dirt. A disease that if they come closer they will get infected. As we struggle to make life and make ends meet we struggle as a family. We were abandoned and left with nothing but we made it through the storm. A storm were we vowed never to make it happen to any of us.

Just like your storm, try to look back of all the things you have not done to us and all your whinings are compared nothing to what we cried about before. I know you have tried to make amends but don't you think it's too late for that. For all the lives and dreams you have ruined just because you were so selfish. Karma is definitely gathering up for pay back.

Life is a biatch and you got to deal with it. You never told us of what had happened and all. No stories, or explanation or even a sorry for what I have done thing. Yet we still respect, love and care for you inspite of all the things you have done to us. We learned to survive and definitely we strive more to succeed into our dreams with or without you.

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