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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sprinkles of happiness...

I could definitely say that we are a very simple family. We enjoy each other's company although there are times we get into each other's case but that's how life is and through that we simple express ourselves. We communicate openly and discussed things regarding the family, work and school openly. We let the kids speak up and asked questions and we also in return asked them for their opinions and let them be heard. We discuss about relationships, puppy love, crushie mushie things, smoking, sex, and a whole lot more.

There are nights when we simply lounge at our favorite hang outs such as Starbuck's or Target or Wal-Mart or walk around the mall or read a book or two at Borders or Barnes and Noble's or watch a movie or simply bore ourselves with stories of our childhood.We simply enjoy it.

During weekends we eat together and goof around a lot. Our weekend ain't complete if we haven't seen Mr. Squirrel (we are not really sure of the sex but we guess it's a he.) Mr. Squirrel is good in crossing the electrical wires across our kitchen and living room and we simply enjoy watching his act. He even sometimes comes to our balcony and we just enjoy it. I do not know why but seeing Mr. Squirrel makes our day complete and you can hear anyone who sees him coming exclaiming,"The squirrel, the squirrel, the squirrel." and see us scrambling to take a glimpse of him as if we haven't seen a squirrel.

Simple things in life is what we enjoy the most and seeing Mr. Squirrel crossing from our kitchen to the living room brings such contentment and happiness to us.

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