Of Beginnings and Beyond

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I did. And each time I try, over and over again and each time I try I pushed myself to the brink of it so that I will achieve what I tried for but sometimes it doesn't happened what or the achievement that I wanted too.

I kept quite and went on with my daily living and still trying my best to make it work. Forgiving or asking forgiveness for me is totally the same and why? When you asked for forgiveness either the person whom you are asking for forgiveness will grant your wish or simply decline it and just like in forgiving you simply say yes or no.

Mom always remind us to forgive those people whom has done something wrong and most especially we should learn to forgive our Dad. Let not hatred cloud our hearts when he asked for forgiveness but how can we forgive someone when he is not trying to repent his sins.

Maybe a lifetime of trying to earn our forgiveness is what it takes for our hearts to be able to forgive him? I just hope that once forgiven, it will worth it.

I should try to try and keep on trying...

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