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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who would have thought....

Just last Tuesday I was delaying my clean up of the aftermath of the Holidays but then again my being OC and on the time kicks in and so just today I started my adventure.

After dropping my daughter to school, took my morning walk and my exercise and started my clean up. It started pretty good and I reorganized the whole Christmas stuff and put them back in order according to colors and motif. Yes, we do have a Christmas theme each year and just imagine the how many boxes I got just for Christmas.

I ended pretty much a little over lunch just in time for my lunch break. The house is back to it's normal look. Even had an extra time to cooked for dinner and hubby and the kids were surprised of all the space we now have again.

Who would have thought that I would be done in just half a day of clean up when it took us almost 2 days to spruce up our pad for the holiday.

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Anonymous Nikki berkata...

never underestimate the power of willingness and everything will be done....

5:56 AM  

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