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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are you?

Looks, like you are a big fan of Valentine's Day. All ready and dress up and surprising the love of your life, right? Well, good for you then.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day. I remember when my hubby asked me almost 10 years ago what do I want to do on Valentine's Day, where do I want to eat, and so on and so forth. All I can answer him at that time is I am not really a big fan of Valentine's Day and he was so shocked. We started talking about Valentine's Day and I simply told him that I remember when it's Valentine's Day from where I go to school, all the popular girls will simply get the most flowers and chocolates and cards but for girls like me, doesn't even bother not that I didn't received any but I am not just a big fan of this extra special day.

I remember with my then boyfriend that we never seem to celebrate this special day although I received flowers, chocolates and cards from him and from admirers as well but their is no special memory I can recall celebrating it.

And ever since my first valentine's day with my hubby he always makes it extra special to celebrate Valentine's Day with me and with the kids. Although everyday is like Valentine's Day for me already.

I even recall our First Valentine's Day where he picked me up from work and did the whole set up and cooking thing. A candle lit dinner serve with halibut over rice, wine and a great dessert. He made that night a very memorable one for and every Valentine's Day although I am not a big fan of it, I always remember that first Valentine's Day we had together.

Mine is just getting better each minute of the day and can't wait what's instore for me tonight...

Anyway, enjoy your special day and

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