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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cold feet...

Every couple talked about this and that but why after all these years, we are having some cold feet of doing it.

I know it's normal for we ain't getting any younger and just the thought of planning something like this ain't that easy even though we know we can manage to make it happen. The real question would be are we ready to have another one? I guess that's why we are having some second thoughts and doubts about another addition to the family.

Although both my pregnancies and delivery were easy and I went home within less than 24 hours after giving birth, you think we should consider giving it a try, right? But then we just decided that 2 is enough and if HE gives us another child we will gladly accept it with open arms but for now we are more than happy with our 2 growing kids.

I just the thought of having one, scares us but actually we also thought of the age gap and our ages when the child will start preschool and all that concerns about having and bringing a child and it won't be easy on us. So for now we will just enjoy the babies being drop off at our place every now and then. Enjoying our two overgrown kids and enjoy each other.... =)

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